Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer Battery-Powered Sprayer Rechargeable Electrostatic Mister Atomizer

  • 【EFFICIENT ELECTROSTATIC DESIGN】 Built for high speed spraying distribution, quick diffusion, and fast surface adherence. Save up to 65% in labor and chemical costs when using our Electrostatic sprayer.
  • [ MICRON NOZZLES ] Our unit is capable of Ultra Low Volume droplets below 50μm/Mm (microns), while positively charging for 360° coverage, by attraction of positive and negative particles.allowing efficient spraying of disinfectant for any situation.
  • [Efficient] Achievable Coverage of 1000' Feet per minute; Centrifugal rotary sprayer, no clogging, adjustable droplet size. is easy to fill, and is equipped with a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of the tank.
  • [Contains universal rod and nozzle] The spraying distance is between 6 and 10 meters. Includes plastic squeeze handle with locking mechanism and multiple different nozzle accessories can meet all your spraying needs !
  • [ Lithium-ion battery-high capacity ] low internal resistance, high current discharge, no memory effect, can be used for charging and discharging at any time. Stable performance, long cycle life, can be continuously charged and discharged 500 times.
  • Product Detail

Product Description

Electrostatic sprayer

Why choose Electrostatic Sprayer ?

This Electrostatic Fogger machine allows the appropriate droplets to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces, ideal efficient equipment in the field of modern rural plant and hygiene prevention.

1.Quick Diffusion

2. Fast Surface Adherence

3. High-Speed Spraying Distribution

4.Save up to 65% in labor and chemical

5.Ultra Long Life Battery

6.Spray 6-8 hours on a Single

Achievable Coverage of 1000' Feet per minute; Centrifugal rotary sprayer, no clogging, adjustable droplet size.

Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic Sprayer

Due to the strong adsorption force and little drift, the spray liquid is very thin and not easy to slip off, which greatly reduces the waste of solution.

Compared with ordinary electric sprayers, it saves more than 65% of the solution.

Adsorption ratio of front and back:100≥30

Why choose ?

Electrostatic sprayer

Full tank until 4.2 gallon

working time of spray wand is about 6-8hours, cover about 8 ft;

working time of spray gun is about 1.5 hour, cover about 19 ft.

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