Lithium Watering Can

Battery sprayer 1.5L garden plants watering Lithium battery disinfection spray pot

PA foam pot.

With a lower dosage of medicament, the low-end models can achieve a 1:15 dilution ratio, and spray a car on average only 400ml (25 liters of car wash stock).

The high-end car washing machine can achieve a dilution ratio of 1:30, and spraying a car on average only needs 400 liters (12.9 liters of car washing liquid stock).

Greatly reduce the cost of use. The foaming effect is also related to the quality of the car wash liquid.

  • Product Detail
Air pressure spray can Thickened body, durable
Product Name
2L electric watering can
2L electric watering can
Main material:
commodity weight:
10 pcs/carton
Product packaging:
Product features:
durable nozzles, sufficient air pressure, labor-saving and worry-free, easy to use
Using Effects
Water is the most frequently encountered watering can. Waterproof can extend its life. The watering can can be waterproof every day. The silicone design makes it easy to splash water.

Convenient water injection point

Convenient water injection, convenient and labor-saving Open a convenient life mode, lazy people are more intelligent

Fine atomization effect display

Fine atomization, finer water column Atomized, the water column is thinner and straighter

USB interface charging

High-capacity battery Charging belt indicator, charging status is red, full charge is blue


USB charging supports mobile phone charger charging, circuit board has overcharge protection function Suggested input: 5V 1A built-in 2000MA lithium battery. Quiet motor pump core components are more stable Silent motor Water pump spool (in a very quiet environment, open the electric watering can, the decibel is about 35-45)

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