FT-10032 Car wash Gun

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Brass, ABS
Color: Blue
Size: Shown as Picture
Bottle Capacity: 100ml
Size of water intake:3/4inch
Package Weight: approx.594g
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Usage Method:
1. Infuse right amount of washing fluid. (Capacity: 100ml.)
2. Please assemble the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and foam gun rightly.
3. Adjust the rotary knob according to the ratio.
4. Open the water faucet of the tap.
5. Hold the controlling pole of foam gun with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.
6. Lay it for a proper time and the offload gun and wash it.
7. Remove the dirty water with rubber cleaner and then wipe it with clean rag or scrap cotton yarn.
8. You must hold the controlling pole of gun closely and control the moisture after close the tap water faucet.


We do believe that you had ever experienced the following problems, lining up at a car wash for a long time, spending much money on car wash, wasting plenty?of?time to wait for washing car. Having your own car wash gun could solve these problems. You can wash your car at any time, enjoy the fun of washing car and save lots of time. Worth buying for your family!

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